Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

P.S. Floral Design Pty Ltd understands and respects your right to privacy. Accordingly, we will protect and use your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) and the National Privacy Principles. For more details on these, please see


What is this Privacy Policy?

P.S. Floral Design collects and uses personal information in order to conduct its business. Personal information is protected by the Privacy Act and the National Privacy Principles. P.S. Floral Design is required to abide by these in the collection, storage and use of the information. The way in which that is conducted is covered by this Policy.


Collecting your Personal Information

P.S. Floral Design requires certain information in order to provide its services. This information is primarily collected in two ways:

(a) directly from you; and

(b) from the Biller (the person, business or company to which P.S. Floral Design provides its services) with your consent.

Please be aware that P.S. Floral Design is only responsible for information that it holds. It is not responsible for the use of information by third parties. If you have any concerns in this regard, please refer to those parties and their stated privacy policies.



P.S. Floral Design keeps records of your personal information, for its own use in conducting business and also in compliance of various state and government acts and regulations. To comply with these, P.S. Floral Design is required to hold all records for upwards of seven years. P.S. Floral Design will take all reasonable measures to ensure the security of that information in storage, both electronically and physically. We will take all reasonably steps to ensure the information is complete, accurate and up-to-date. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact us in order to update your personal information should it change. Our contact details are set out below.


Using your Personal Information

P.S. Floral Design will use your personal information in the provision of its services (bill payment facilities). This includes reporting transactions to Billers and to you. Further, P.S. Floral Design may use your information to communicate news, information and special offers to you concerning P.S. Floral Design’s services. We will also use your personal information to communicate directly with you and for the establishment of identity when doing so.

P.S. Floral Design will not communicate your personal information to any third party for any matter not directly related to the provision of its stated services without your express consent, except when lawfully compelled to do so.


How can I access my Personal Information and make enquiries?

You can contact P.S. Floral Design by email and a privacy officer will respond to your query. Please be aware that we are still required to abide by the Privacy Act and this may involve certain limitations, fees and timeframes on which we can respond to your query.



This policy may be updated from time to time. We encourage you to regularly check for updates to this policy at


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